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Re: Classpath AWT problems (or gtk problems...)

From: Dhek Bhun Kho
Subject: Re: Classpath AWT problems (or gtk problems...)
Date: 05 Mar 2003 01:42:39 +0100

Hey Brian,

> with the AWT, it isn't complete yet, but I think you should be able to
> at least see a Frame).  
Does this work with gcj too? I had a hard time to get the native peers
to work, either I get nothing on the screen or I get 'returned\nexited'.

My papers came through from the copyright, I am currently busy with
something personal, but will start delving into the code in about 1-2
weeks. I saw Mark posted a patch for the object stream class. I'll try
it this week. I was thinking about digging into AWT or serialization, is
this is good idea or is there something else needing more attention
(like documentation or something).


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