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Re: Want to help in integrating swing. Really last question.

From: Dhek Bhun Kho
Subject: Re: Want to help in integrating swing. Really last question.
Date: 08 Mar 2003 11:50:59 +0100

Op vr 07-03-2003, om 18:52 schreef Tom Tromey:

> Clemens> My questions is, if it would be a problem to contribute to
> Clemens> classpath, when the contributed code doesnt work with
> Clemens> classpath alone.
> Provided that the code is using the documented AWT API, I don't
> think there is a problem if it doesn't run using the Classpath AWT.

So the best bet would be starting off getting all the funny parts of the
JComponent to work on a JDK 1.1 reference implementation? (Again I can
be a complete moron now and then). I hope get to start some coding at
the end of this week.

Ey Clemens, do you have some shared webspace somewhere? Want to work
together on this? Otherwise we'd be working in parallel on the same
areas: waste of time.

(I saw a stack trace last night on the usenet. Note: it seems the SunVM
is using GL4Java in the 1.4 jdk (or is that old news? It is no real
importance to get Swing implemented)

Johnson's First Law: When any mechanical contrivance fails, it will do
so at the most inconvenient possible time.

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