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Re: Want to help in integrating swing. Really last question.

From: Linuxhippy
Subject: Re: Want to help in integrating swing. Really last question.
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 16:53:13 +0100
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Hi there!

Btw, you can have access to Classpath's CVS after we've taken care of
assignment paperwork.  How does that sound?

Sounds also good too, puh its time for learnin CVS.

I looked at the sources of Classpath today, and puh, it seems harder than i thought first. Maybe I didnt say it before, I'm not so experienced with swing, I spent most time playing with native peers.

So please do not expect "Great, this guy will solve all our problems".
I'm not an very experienced coder , but I love OpenSource-Software (althought i dont understand those gnu or nothing people) and I want to give my best. I'm now 17 and starting with June15th there are now more tests at school, which means really hard coding time.

So please be not angry, if anything doesnt work like expected, I'll give my best, and I promise to work hard!

Btw.: Does anybody know good tutorials about the swing-internals, because its not allowed to look at sun-sources, its for a newbie like me quite hard to work only with apidoc.

Thanks for all,
cu Clemens

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