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RE: The status of Classpath (in brief)

From: David Holmes
Subject: RE: The status of Classpath (in brief)
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 09:15:32 +1000


My only comment is that a stated goal of "at least as complete as 1.1"
is no longer adequate. The Java platform is a moving target and 1.5 is
on the horizon. I recognise that there are too many packages to make a
blanket statement of support - otherwise we'll be at 1.6 or 1.7 before
Classpath 1.0 can get out the door. Perhaps it is time to look at
breaking Classpath down into package subsets and aim for 1.2
compatibility for the "core" packages (lang, util, ???) and define
other packages independently of the core eg nio must obviously aim for
1.4 compatability.

I suspect that the above doesn't actually require many code updates as
I think much of the core is already around 1.4 (maybe enough that 1.3
could be the stated level for the core?).

David Holmes

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