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Re: The status of Classpath (in brief)

From: Arnaud Vandyck
Subject: Re: The status of Classpath (in brief)
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 11:18:56 +0100
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"Grzegorz B. Prokopski" <address@hidden> writes:

> W liƛcie z nie, 04-01-2004, godz. 18:15, David Holmes pisze: 
>> My only comment is that a stated goal of "at least as complete as 1.1"
>> is no longer adequate. The Java platform is a moving target and 1.5 is
>> on the horizon.
> As Mark has mentioned somewhere it'd probably be the topic of one of
> the discussions during FOSDEM.


> For GNU CP the question that arises the most often is:
> toward which version is it heading?
> And Mark's answer is right (in another part of his essay):
> none - GNU CP is driven by what is needed for the _applications_
> (which people want and make possible to run).

This is a goal but it does not prevent us to work on different parts of
the project. I think it means everyone who has the skills should better
help in these areas.

If anything precise is needed, those who are developing AWT and other
packages that need to be complete to go to 1.0 can maybe ask here for
some help. (not me, I lost my x server! :'()

Cheers ;)


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