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Re: Java Runtime Matrix for UserLinux

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Re: Java Runtime Matrix for UserLinux
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 16:35:00 +0100
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Hi Rob,

Robert Lougher wrote:

Sorry for the empty post - first day back into work tomorrow :) What I meant to say:

Any reasons for missing out JamVM (http::/ It's been using Classpath since 1.0.0 (12-Mar-2003). Quite a few people are using it successfully, and I think a number of people on this list have given it a test.

I've only heard good comments about JamVM from people who tried it, so I'm sorry I missed out on it. I didn't find it on the Classpath link sucess stories list. It's fixed now in the UserLinux wiki.

So if you submit a path for the website, it won't happen next time around ;)

Oh, and you can always do what SableVM developers did, and create your own wiki page describing your VM in more detail than a pale comparison matrix can do ;)

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