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Fosdem 2004 program

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Fosdem 2004 program
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 19:41:19 +0100

GNU Classpath & Friends - Free Java - Fosdem 2004 program.

We now have an official program for our meeting at Fosdem 2004.
(February 21/22, Brussel)
And an official page:
(Abstract for all talks will be added soon to that page.)

The schedule was constructed with the following contraints in mind:
- Saterday morning are the keynotes.
- Sunday morning is the official java track.
- The Debian people have their talks Sunday morning.
  (We share the room with them.)
- The Embedded people will probably want to attend the fbAWT talk.

Saturday morning - keynotes

Saterday afternoon:

- 14h00 -> 14h50
  GNU Classpath -- Core Classes for a Diversity of Free Java Virtual
  Machines (GNU Classpath overview and free applications/runtimes show.)
  by Sascha Brawer and  Mark Wielaard

- 15h00 -> 15h50 -
  SableVM - the Apache of Java Virtual Machines
  (Motivations and technical solutions behind the SableVM Project.)
  by Grzegorz B. Prokopski

 16h00 -> 16h50
  fbAWT - Direct to your buffer
  (Slim Abstract Window Toolkit implementation written in java that
   doesn't use any peer widget library, but has direct access to
   either a linux framebuffer or a VNC server backend.)
  by Stephane Meslin-Weber

Sunday morning - java/X & Co. tracks

Sunday afternoon:
- 14h00 -> 15h50
  Packaging Free Java Applications For Free Operating Systems
  (Comparing different packaging projects like Debian,
   Gentoo, RHUG/Naoko and JPackage, and .deb best practises.)
  See also the Wiki:
  by Dalibor Topic and Arnaud Vandyck

- 15h00 -> 17h00
  Open discussions
  - GNU Classpath 1.0 Roadmap
  - Free VM/Compiler integration/cooperation
  - Standardization and compatibility issues

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