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Re: bug in java.util.Map

From: Matthias Pfisterer
Subject: Re: bug in java.util.Map
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:39:29 +0100
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David Holmes wrote:
I found a minor bug in java.util.Map: the inner class Entry
has to be public. Diff is attached.

All interface members are implicitly public. The preferred style is to
not explicitly define them as public.

Well, I prefer to be explicit. But this goes beyond a matter of taste. Building with kjc, I get the following errors:
../java/beans/ error:Unaccessible class "java/util/Map/Entry" can not be imported [JLS 7.5.1] ../java/beans/ error:Unaccessible class "java/util/Map/Entry" can not be imported [JLS 7.5.1] ../javax/swing/ error:Cannot find class "AccessibleJComponent" [JLS 8]
If I add the "public", the first two errors disappear. It may be a compiler bug. I'll try to nail it down.


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