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Re: End of the month - where is the new snapshot?

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: End of the month - where is the new snapshot?
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 22:11:12 +0200


On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 23:49, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> It is already that time. End of the (second) month. So we should get a
> new snapshot release out. Please try to get everything that you want to
> get in for this new 0.11 release snapshot in on Friday September 3.
> Then we do the real release on Monday September 6.

I don't think we are completely ready yet.
Mainly my fault since I got a bit distracted with getting those
JFreeChart Demos to work. Which now do work partly on the gcj gui
branch, but not yet in GNU Classpath CVS.
See for some - imho exciting - screenshots.
I am not going spend more time on it though since it also seems to
depend on the CVS version of Cairo to work correctly.

> There is still a long list of things that I want to see in. We will have
> to see how much time I actually have for doing it all. I don't believe
> anything (except probably the gjdoc thing) is a real show stopper.
> - resync gui-branch (JColor Chooser, JComboBox, javax.swing.text, ...)

This is now done. I am not going to sync the recent AWT gtk+ peer
cleanup Thomas did since he said himself that it could be unstable.

> - New examples (Drop Animation Applet, JColor Chooser, JComboBox, Area)

Examples for the JColorChooser, JComboBox and JTextField have been

> - URLConnection.getContent()

Still pending, sorry jrandom. I was secretly hoping Bryce would have
more comments on this.

> - Get gjdoc working again (see rsdio patches)

Has anybody got the latest GNU Classpath CVS api documentation generated
with gjdoc yet?

> - Fix jikes 1.21 warnings (lots...)

I started with some patches, but there are just too many.
It builds with jikes and gcj 3.4 so I am not too worried, it is just

> - khc Timer patch

Still pending. Sorry Ka-Hing. I was secretly hoping Graydon would have a
look. And I am afraid the gui merge changed the Timer code once again.

> - dog JNDI file provider
> - dog inet HTTP handler

Still pending. Sorry Chris.

> - GNU JAXP sync?

Removed and tested that just adding the latest GNU JAXP works as
expected. Some simple tests seem to indicate that it works nicely.

Testing against jamvm seems to indicate that most things work OK,
running the new Demo examples, Eclipse 2.1 (Eclipse 3.0 doesn't startup
though with just GNU JAXP installed, probably needs Xalan or some such),
ant building of inetlib, mauve, JFreeChart (but without text and only
with cairo CVS), etc.

Lets give it a few more days to get the last things fixed/committed and
release on Wednesday or Thursday.



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