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Re: End of the month - where is the new snapshot?

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: End of the month - where is the new snapshot?
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 01:37:36 +0200

Hi All,

There is a 0.11-rc-1 at now.
I will be on a long weekend away from my computer and the internet.
Hopefully when I return nobody has found any real showstopper with this
and I just turn it into 0.11 final.

Pleas test and have fun.
BTW. With this release Nice should bootstrap on a GNU Classpath based
runtime <>.

> > - URLConnection.getContent()
> Still pending, sorry jrandom. I was secretly hoping Bryce would have
> more comments on this.

Rewritten the patch and committed.
It fixed a couple of mauve failures :)

> > - Get gjdoc working again (see rsdio patches)
> Has anybody got the latest GNU Classpath CVS api documentation generated
> with gjdoc yet?

rsdio tried and ran out of memory :{
Hopefully I can do this on Monday.

> > - Fix jikes 1.21 warnings (lots...)
> I started with some patches, but there are just too many.
> It builds with jikes and gcj 3.4 so I am not too worried, it is just
> annoying.

Nothing more done on this.

> > - khc Timer patch
> Still pending. Sorry Ka-Hing. I was secretly hoping Graydon would have a
> look. And I am afraid the gui merge changed the Timer code once again.
> Sigh.

Graydon analyzed this (thanks!). And it didn't seem appropriate to add
for this release.

> > - dog JNDI file provider
> > - dog inet HTTP handler
> Still pending. Sorry Chris.

Still pending :{
Lets integrate this for 0.12.



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