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From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Harmony!
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 22:24:29 +0200

Hi hackers,

Apache has setup a proposal for discussion around a full free j2se
implementation. Which they call "Harmony". This is (at the moment) not
about code, but about finding out a direction for getting to such a
beast. Dalibor, Tom, Jeroen and I were asked to help them in that
discussion and possibly show them how to setup a good architecture for

Tom gave a good overview of "The State of World" [1]. Dalibor also gave
a good overview of much of the GNU Classpath family [2]. And I have
posted a overview of what I think are important documents for
cooperating on getting such a full free j2se implementation based on
what the projects around GNU Classpath have been doing [3]. Please read
the full archives to get a feel of where Harmony stands [4].

We want this to work out and we have some good contacts at the ASF now
that we hope will help us forge a larger and stronger community around
GNU Classpath. But this is all just in a discussion phase. They are
looking at what is possible, how to attach the problem, what is out
there, what is a sane architecture, etc. And this is where you come in!

What they need is to see is what works. How to get started. In the end
Harmony is just a bunch of hackers that want to see "Hello World"
running and be pointed to places they can help improve based on that.

So I do invite everybody that is interested to join the harmony
mailinglist (address@hidden) and show them
your own success story and how to get people up and running quickly.
Something like the GNU Classpath showpage that Robert made will be a
great example [5]. But little personal stories about things (especially
existing Apache projects) that just work out of the box will be greatly

This is a great oppertunity to show how far we have all come already.
Apache is really bringing in a lot of publicity. So make the best of it!
Together we will define what Harmony really is about.

But don't feel that you have to. Please keep hacking on GNU Classpath as
you have done before. We do want to break that 1.000.000 lines of code
barrier soon! :) [6]

Happy Hacking!








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