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Help Classpath

From: Sven de Marothy
Subject: Help Classpath
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 22:41:31 +0200


GNU Classpath is a project to create a Free implementation of the core
Java class libraries. It is used by most F/OSS Java VMs out there, from
the java-to-native compiler GCJ, to Kaffe OpenVM, to the tiny JamVM, to
the French-Canadian SableVM, to experimental stuff like JNode.

Would you like to join us? We're a fun bunch, but we need more hackers!
All levels of expertise are welcome.

1.    Classpath hackers are mammals.
2.    Classpath hackers code ALL the time.
3.    The purpose of the Classpath hacker is to flip out and

These guys are cool, and by cool I mean totally sweet.

Right now, we need lots more AWT hackers. If you're into Swingin', we've
got a big craving for those, too! Scratch that itch! Love CORBA?
'course you do! Face it: Who doesn't? We need those too! 

Like debugging? It's like crossword puzzles, only funner! We've got
plenty of debugging! This is your lucky day!

Interested? Of course you are! Read up:

Super-Quick start guide! 

1) You need GCC and a Java compiler. GCC I think you have. GCJ might not
be up to date. I like Jikes. Get an RPM:

2) Get a VM, for instance JamVM. Right here:

3) Get Classpath. Latest release right here:

4) Untar both files!

5) For jikes:
# ./configure --with-jikes --enable-jni
# make 
# make install (better do that as root)

6) For classpath:
# ./configure --with-jikes --enable-jni --enable-gtk-peer
# make
# make install (same here!)

7) Compile your program:
jikes -classpath /usr/local/classpath/share/classpath/

(you might want to alias that. The +Z0 switch is good too, if you don't
want extra warnings)

8) Run it:
jamvm HelloWorld

9) Have fun!


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