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request for testing AWT/SWING

From: Andreas Tobler
Subject: request for testing AWT/SWING
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 22:08:22 +0200
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Hello all,

may I ask for a minimal test sequence when you dear AWT/SWING coders submit/commit a patch for AWT/SWING? Simply launch the demos in swing and awt and click through to see if something has changed.

The reason I ask is simple, I often try the included samples from classpath and see some improvements but also, and this is the reason, some backsteps. Sure, some backsteps can result due to the reason that things were not done properly up to now. But what I'd like to see is a note if something really changes in a demo we have. This could save others a lot of time if they don't have to revert everything and find out, ouch, it's the same behavior without my patch.

I do not want to upset anyone, I highly appreciate the effort you put into this project, but it may help to coordinate a bit and reduce side noise about potential 'no faults'.

Best Regards,

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