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Re: request for testing AWT/SWING

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: request for testing AWT/SWING
Date: 05 Oct 2005 15:31:02 -0600
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Jenner <address@hidden> writes:

Paul> However I wonder if cross reference against daily mauve regressions
Paul> would help identify and fix these more quickly?


The GCC community has a number of auto-builders that send email (using
the ChangeLog) to anybody who breaks the build (including regression
tests).  Something like that may be helpful.

I've got a bunch of test code running atm, though I'm not sending the
output anywhere yet.  Specifically right now my tester:

* builds gcj
* runs its test suite including mauve and jacks
* builds gcjx
* builds classpath with both gcj and gcjx
* builds jamvm

Next step is to run mauve against the just-built jamvm.
I'd also like to set it up to build and test some applications
(hopefully ones that are relatively simple to set up -- for larger
things I would like to see us more actively involved with Gump).

Anyway, the question is, what to do with the info?  The reason I
turned off my nightly tests the last time was that only I could see
the results, and I didn't have time to track down regressions.

Should we set up a new list?  Try to implement some gcc-like solution?
Send them to an existing list?


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