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Re: japi and public references to non-public types

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: japi and public references to non-public types
Date: 07 Oct 2005 13:58:55 -0600
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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <address@hidden> writes:

Mark> That might be hard. But what would be useful is flagging wrongly spelled
Mark> overridden public/protected method names (equal -> equals, hascode ->
Mark> hashCode, finalise -> finalize)

In 1.5 you can mark a method @Override to assert that you think it
overrides some superclass method.  Then, if it does not, you will get
an error.  It may be good practice to use this all over, hard to tell.

Mark> a void method name that is identical to a constructor name

Eclipse does this.

Mark> or equal to a name of a (future) reserved word like assert or
Mark> enum.

Eclipse does this too... though of course we can't know what
identifiers may be reserved in the future.


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