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classpath+jamvm+mauve Howto?

From: Norman Hendrich
Subject: classpath+jamvm+mauve Howto?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 15:06:28 +0200 (CEST)

Hello all,

[I recently checked out Mauve CVS with the good intention of first
running the testsuite, learning from the existing testcases, and
then converting my own bug-report testcases into some nice Mauve
regression tests.]

Unfortunately, running Mauve under classpath+jamvm is less fun than
I expected. Running the default make check:

* works fine with JDK 1.4.2 (129 fails, 6341 tests total), 

* while JDK 1.5.0 dies with a compiler error:
    compareTo(java.math.BigInteger) in java.math.BigInteger 
      cannot be applied to (java.lang.Integer)
        a.compareTo(new Integer(1));

* and classpath with jamvm simply crashes, with make exiting with 
  'error 139' or jamvm dying with OutOfMemoryExceptions.


(1) Can anyone please provide some feedback whether mauve+classpath+jamvm
    is supposed to work out-of-the-box?  
    If it is not, we should somehow tweak mauve to make running the
    testsuite easier. It will be very hard to convince developers to run
    the mauve tests at all, if this requires a lot of extra effort.
    Given that many people seem to use jamvm for classpath hacking,
    I guess jamvm would also be useful as a 'reference VM' for mauve.
(2) If anyone has a current list of unsupported tests and tweaks to
    get Mauve running with jamvm, please post them...  A list of XFAILS
    would also be nice, because I have no idea whether some tests (like
    the korean? locale tests) are expected to pass or fail.
    I would also appreciate a short howto or command lines for the mauve
    configure and make check scripts, including magic options like
    initial and maximum memory sizes, etc.

About Mauve: (please excuse me for asking this here, but I guess that
many more people are subscribed to the classpath mailing list than the
mauve-discuss list, and one question should not produce to much noise):

(3) several of the GUI tests leave their windows lying around... 
    is this intentional or just an oversight?  (I did run the tests on
    my normal desktop X server, not the extra hidden test X server)
(4) A google search tells me that make complains of 'error 139' when
    the C compiler aborts, but I don't know how this can happen in the
    context of Mauve...
(5) Are the results linked from the classpath homepage really the best 
    we can do?
(6) How do I enable all 32157 tests listed in the above report, when
    the default cvs checkout (see above) only runs 6341 tests with 
    the JDK?

- Norman

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