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Re: classpath+jamvm+mauve Howto?

From: David Gilbert
Subject: Re: classpath+jamvm+mauve Howto?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:31:30 +0000
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David Gilbert wrote:

Norman Hendrich wrote:

   (6) How do I enable all 32157 tests listed in the above report, when
the default cvs checkout (see above) only runs 6341 tests with the JDK?

I regenerated the report (it now includes 34,241 passes, 852 failures, 35,093 tests in total):

$> jamvm -classpath ~/mauve-report/bin org.jfree.test.MakeTestClassList /home/dgilbert/workspace/mauve-clean/ tests $> jamvm -Xmx350m -classpath . gnu.testlet.runner.Mauve --output results-20051015 tests

...comment out 3 troublesome tests from the 'tests' file...

$> jamvm -Xmx350m -classpath . gnu.testlet.runner.Mauve --output results-20051015 tests

...where the MakeTestClassList class is the utility class I attached to my last post.



It turns out there were some spurious results in the output, I commented out these two tests:

...and produced a new report (33,406 passes, 856 failures, 34,263 total). If anyone knows how to make these tests behave nicely with the HTML test report generator, let me know...



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