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Install method

From: Perochon Sebastien
Subject: Install method
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 14:24:31 +0100

    Hello everybody,
I'm new in both Cons and Perl.
I have used Cons successfully to compile some objects files to create a
static library.
My problem is that when I use the Install method to copy a library file (.a)
the Install method does not manage the build process of this .a
It means that the Install is done at the beginning whatever the .a file is
created or not.
Here is the code I wrote to create the .a:
Module $env 'mylib.a', 'mycpp.cpp', "%LD %LDFLAGS %> %<";

Install $env 'c:/', 'mylib.a';
Is there someone that could help me ???

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