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Re: Question regarding compiling generated file

From: Gary Oberbrunner
Subject: Re: Question regarding compiling generated file
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:05:07 -0500
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Please send more info, this isn't enough to tell what the problem is. For instance, what is $target? Why do you have the first Depends() line? You shouldn't need it. What does your Build line look like? How exactly are you using $target.c as a source file?

Can you just send the whole Conscript/Construct?

-- Gary

Bill Deegan wrote:
I have the following logic:

$env->Command("$target.c",$source,qq(someprogram %<  %>));

This succesfully generates the $target.c file, and puts in in the
build area, but when I specify that $target.c is a program source,
cons looks in the source area and doesn't look in the objects area.

How can I get cons to look in the generated file area?

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