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Re: Help with testing GCC 3.2.1 against arm-sim

From: senthil . veluswamy
Subject: Re: Help with testing GCC 3.2.1 against arm-sim
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 08:46:57 -0600


>You need a simulator in order to run your
>tests, as you're no doubt aware.  You should
>build a simulator by building GDB for
>arm-linux. The gdb distribution includes as
>sim/ subdirectory which ultimately produces

Perfect, I can try this. So target "arm-sim" tells deja to use the arm
simulator. I was thinking gcc already came with a simulator and/or for some
reason, building gcc would also build the simulator. Now, I realize that
simulation is a debug/test function and so gcc should have nothing to do
with it. Thanks for clarifying this.

>Daniel Jacobowitz <address@hidden> writes:
>> However, the simulator can not generally run binaries compiled for
>> arm-linux - unless you go out of your way to use libgloss and
>> newlib.
>SID can run eCos binaries targeting the ARM PID board, for instance.
>I'd expect a Linux port of same to work.

Dan, Ben,

Thanks for the info. Will definitely post what I find out.


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