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Remotely running binutils(ld, gas, binutils) testsuite.

From: Jitendra Pawar
Subject: Remotely running binutils(ld, gas, binutils) testsuite.
Date: 28 Dec 2004 15:11:14 +0530

I am trying to execute  binutils/ld and binutils/gas testsuites
remotely. For running testsuite remotely I want to use ssh as session
protocol and scp as transfer protocol. Thus for remote configuration I
have modified config/default.exp files, I am attaching these files here
with this mail(defaultld.exp, defaultgas.exp). But still all tests in ld
and gas runs on host machine only(I did '$ ps ax' and observed that
there is no any processes named ssh or scp during the execution of

My setup:

Host Machine: i386 Linux.
        RedHat linux 9.0 
        Tcl - 8.4.7
        Framework(Dejagnu)- 1.4.4
Target machine: i386 Linux
RedHat linux 9.0 

I did similar types of modifications in config/default.exp for
binutils/binutils testsuite. That works as per expectation. I have also
attached this congif file named 'defaultbin.exp' 

Can anybody please tell me what am I missing??

- Jitendra.

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