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remote serial connection

From: David Byron
Subject: remote serial connection
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 07:28:11 -0700

I see a couple of threads related to this in the archives but not quite what
I'm looking for.  I'm resurrecting some test infrastructure from ~2001 but
there's a file missing that if I remember right is/was part of dejagnu:

I'm looking for the remote_serial_connect routine.  Does anyone know if this
routine is still around?  Was it around before or has my memory failed me
once again?

I think I'm trying to do a fairly standard thing.  I've got an embedded
target with no ethernet support, but a serial port.  I've got what I call a
test host connected to that serial port that also has ethernet (let's call
this machine B).  Then I've the machine running dejagnu (machine A) that's
got ethernet.

The idea is to telnet from machine A to machine B, and then use cu or
something to connect to the serial port that gets me to the target.  In the
end, I've got a $spawn_id that I can use to send and expect.

Thanks much for your help.


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