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failures in gcc tests when multiple cpu cflags specified

From: Joel Sherrill
Subject: failures in gcc tests when multiple cpu cflags specified
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 16:05:50 -0600
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Janis wanted a recap on this list.  The thread
starts here:

And this is the last message in the thread which
sums up the expert views:

The latest powerpc-rtems4.10 GCC test results
are here:

The tests in question are "scan-assembler" and
other tests which specify a particular -mcpu option
which conflicts with those used by the particular
target hardware we are running on.

So for example, a test may try to verify that
gcc generates a particular instruction on a
ppc405.  But the specific board cflags
are explicitly selecting another -mcpu so the
code can actually work on the target board.

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