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Re: upcoming enhancement requests for GCC testing

From: Joel Sherrill
Subject: Re: upcoming enhancement requests for GCC testing
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 15:36:16 -0600
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Janis Johnson wrote:
The GCC testsuite support does some really ugly things to support
functionality that is not available in DejaGnu.  For example, it uses
upvar to reference DejaGnu local variables and overrides several DejaGnu
procs.  I'd like to propose several changes to DejaGnu that would
eventually allow GCC to drop its overrides and use that support directly
from DejaGnu, where it would also be available to other projects.  I'll
send separate mail messages suggesting specific changes.  As far as I
know I don't have a copyright assignment for DejaGnu so I won't send

GCC provides several test directives, including improvements to some
already available from DejaGnu.  If other projects are interested in
those we can look at copying them to DejaGnu.  They're documented at

The niftiest piece is the ability to use expressions for target lists
and the use of effective-target keywords.  This allows a lot of
flexibility for skipping or xfailing tests to clean up test results.

Janis will this help address the types of failures we
see when testing RTEMS?  The two biggest categories

+ scan assembly tests when our BSP needs specific
  CPU flags
+ not generating profile output

I know we have talked about this before.
Janis Johnson
GCC testsuite maintainer

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