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Re: Can dejagnu follow a fork call?

Subject: Re: Can dejagnu follow a fork call?
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 09:47:39 -0700
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Thanks for the reply Ben. At this point I've scrapped my dejagnu plans and moved on to a different solution. Maybe we can revisit this sometime in the future.

Ben Elliston wrote:
Hi Don

My conclusion is that there is something about dejagnu that causes
it to lose the I/O connection to the forked child process (the Java
part).  I think my 'send' and 'expect' commands are just talking to
the driver, not the Java command line program that I want to test.

That does not sound right to me; after all, the GDB testsuite involves
running inferior programs under the debugger.

Can you give an example?


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