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Re: Documenting test script arguments and revising runtest_file_p

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: Documenting test script arguments and revising runtest_file_p
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 00:05:14 -0600
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Ben Elliston wrote:
On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 10:38:05PM -0600, Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:
Is the contents of the "runtests" variable part of the DejaGnu API
currently?  The variable is not documented and runtest_file_p exists
to abstract its meaning.

No. It should only be procs. We should be providing accessor procs for
any variables, ideally.

The "testsuite file" command provides this for the *dir variables, but the "testsuite" multiplex call is intended for commands relating to the testsuite as a whole (another one on my TODO list is "testsuite depend" or "testsuite depends" for tracking dependencies not directly visible to the framework).

I have been trying to make a distinction between "testsuite options" and "test run options". Essentially, a "testsuite option" is something related to the code in a testsuite and simply setting it probably will not work or be useful in general. The "MULTIPASS" variable is an example of a testsuite option, as would be a future "API level" declaration. A "test run option" is something that users can more-or-less freely set, like --verbose or the name of a compiler binary to use.

In this model, the "testsuite" command should probably stick to "testsuite options", although "testsuite file" indirectly accesses the *dir variables, which are "test run options", so the question then becomes what to name the new API call. I will start with offering "testsuite script args" defined to return what is currently the second element in $runtests. If we also want the first element of $runtests (and that is not entirely redundant to [info script] or we want it anyway), I suggest "testsuite script name" for that purpose.


-- Jacob

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