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A new home for some of my projects...

From: Bertrand Dekoninck
Subject: A new home for some of my projects...
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2021 23:29:51 +0200

Hi, Steppers,
it's a sad day for me to write such an email. There is no gentle way to say what I'll have to say. Almost all of you don't know that I'm facing cancer since two and half years.
And the illness seems to be pretty aggressive these days. I'm now lying on hospital bed, with ups and downs everyday. This leads me to the question my death in months... weeks... I don't know (and don't want to know) how many.

Why talking here on the list, would you say ?
I'm not saying "Farewell" for now ! And I'm not decided to.
But I have to consider the legacy of all the little stuff I had done using gnustep and that could be lost if some day if my GitHub account would be closed.

I wonder if some of the themes I've modified or created could be transferred to another GitHub account or even the gnustep project itself.

1° Etoile themes
Those very nice themes had been created for Etoile and can't be found online anymore. I've modified them by including my proper set of Icons : RikIcons. These icons could be pretty easily removed to get the vanilla themes again. Their place is on he gnustep repo or maybe in GAP.

2° the Sombre theme
This one is my sweet little pet. I created it almost from scratch, to mimic MacOS dark theme and I'm pretty proud of the result. I'd like to see it included on the gnustep repo on github. I've got a more advanced development branch named "binary" with rounded buttons and sliders. There is a couple of issue that prevent me from merging to the master branch (see my last mail on the list).
If it can't be part of the gnustep repo, where could it stay if my github repo disappears ?

3° Rik Icons
I had created it for the rik theme, maintained by Alessandro Sangiuliano : https://github.com/AlessandroSangiuliano/rik.theme

All my themes use this set of icons, but the set ifself has evolved recently.  It's a lot more "mac" set of icon than the gnustep's ones. It has been a big piece of work for me. Maybe some of you could think it could be saved from the lost either.

4° GWorkspace
There are a couple of patches I need to send to Riccardo :
  • Shortcuts for repetitive tasks I use everyday
  • White labels on the desktop
5°WindowMaker session and TopBar
This one has some stuff to set up a "mac-like" gnustep session. It could be usefull to somebody
This little app puts a bar at the top of the screen under the menubar of gnustep (when used in mac mode), mimicing a persistant menubar for non gnustep app also. It is mentionned in WindowMaker-session repo.

Bertrand Dekoninck

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