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Re: New names for VC local version backups

From: Andre Spiegel
Subject: Re: New names for VC local version backups
Date: 24 Oct 2000 11:37:58 +0200
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Dave Love <address@hidden> writes:

> The change will stop the code working in add-change-log-entry (or
> thereabouts) which recognizes backup files.  I have my own code that
> assumes the old-style names; that's currently broken at least by the
> undocumented change to use log-edit, but perhaps other people have
> things which will break.

See my reply to Eli.  Not sure if this isn't a misunderstanding.  I
can hardly believe that anything can already depend on the new
feature, but please let me know what exactly is broken and/or required
in the code you are referring to.

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