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Re: New names for VC local version backups

From: Andre Spiegel
Subject: Re: New names for VC local version backups
Date: 24 Oct 2000 11:46:28 +0200
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Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

> What files does CVS use when it puts things in CVS/Base?  The cvs docs
> say that "If watches are in use, then an `edit' command stores the
> original copy of the file in the `Base' directory."
> What would be highly excellent would be if CVS itself could be convinced
> to use such files when created by emacs, even if "watches" *aren't* in
> use

I think we should wait how the CVS folks react when Emacs 21 comes out
:-).  It is true that ultimately, the right place for this mechanism
is more inside CVS than in Emacs, but we figured we'd rather do it in
Emacs right now than wait for the CVS maintainers to add such a

There is one exception where Emacs can really do more than CVS on its
own could, because it can create a "version backup" when you make the
first changes to a file.  This is something that CVS cannot possibly
notice, except when you put a "watch" on a file or do something else
so that you must use a command before you can edit the file.

Ultimately, it would be great if Emacs and CVS could cooperate closely
here, but I think right now it is good to have a general mechanism in
VC which could later be specialized somewhat for CVS.

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