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copyright notices

From: Dave Love
Subject: copyright notices
Date: 07 Dec 2000 14:13:31 +0000
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I've been through and fixed a load of copyright notices in various
files maintained by other people per rms's instructions.  grep may
have missed some instances, so please check files which you maintain.
Also please make sure the changes don't get overwritten by complete
new versions of files, as I think happended after the last time I did
this.  Thanks.

Installed files must have the standard `This file is part of GNU
Emacs...' copyright boilerplate.  The rules for the `Copyright...'
line are that year ranges (e.g. 1997-2000) aren't allowed, but years
may be abbreviated to two digits for compactness (e.g. 1997, 98, 99,
2000).  See maintain.info.  [We ought to make Checkdoc and
copyright.el enforce this.]

Also, manuals should be under the GNU Free Documentation Licence
(GFDL).  Again, see maintain.info.

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