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Re: Very initial Emacs 21 observations

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: Very initial Emacs 21 observations
Date: 20 Dec 2000 17:47:48 -0800
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Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:
> Well, yes it is different, because it's *very small*, and easily lost
> among dense text.

  The default block cursor is anything but small and is extremely easy
  to find. Eli seems to think that the blinking cursor is the default
  on the terminals he's seen but on Debian Linux, the non-blinking
  block cursor is the default in Eterm, gnome-terminal and xterm. As I
  said previously, the only blinking cursor I've seen in my Debian
  Linux environment is the diminutive I cursor in Netscape.

> > > I wonder, are you perhaps using the monochrome icons?  Those are much
> > > worse than the colors ones (since they were produced automatically).
> > 
> >   I'm using whatever came out of the box. They are monochrome. How do
> >   I turn on the color ones?
> I'm not sure; the color icons are distributed in `xpm' format, so if
> your system is missing the xpm library, then I guess emacs won't be able
> to read them.
> When you run the configure script, there should be a line near the end
> like this:
>   Does Emacs use -lXpm?                                   yes
> If it says `no' instead of `yes', then presumably you don't have libXpm.

  Emacs didn't find Xpm, nor Xaw3d. I've got a little homework to do
  (if Rob, the Debian package maintainer, is on this list, please
  ensure that Emacs either requires or strongly suggests these other

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