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Re: "Outer world" encoding for non-Latin1 language environments

From: Anton Zinoviev
Subject: Re: "Outer world" encoding for non-Latin1 language environments
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 20:27:44 +0200
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On  5.III.2002 at 19:28 Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Are you sure you get jisx0208?  What does Emacs say if you go to one
> of the Cyrillic characters you pasted and type "C-u C-x ="?  Please
> post everything Emacs displays in the buffer it pops up.

I will post the result.

> Yes, you are right.  Please suggest what changes should be done in
> locale-language-names for the Cyrillic locales.

This is a general question about what Cyrillic language environments
Emacs should have.  Please give a suggestion.  This is the current
situation about locales and languages:

be in mule-cmd.el maps to language environment "Belarussian" (the right
spelling is Belarusian, not Belarussian).  There is no such language
environment in Emacs.  The locale be_BY is for CP1251 but Emacs doesn't 
support CP1251 in cyrillic.el.  I can make the necessary changes about
that but AFAIK Dave Love does something similar and I'd better contact

Acording to Alexander Mikhailian (the author of "Belarusian-HOWTO") ISO
8859-5 is better supported than CP1251 and thats why Emacs should
support also Belarusian+ISO-8859-5.  I guess this means two languages
environments for Belarusian: Belarusian-CP1251 and Belarusian-ISO?

bg in mule-cmd.el maps to language environment "Bulgarian" which also
doesn't exist.  The locale bg_BG is for CP1251.  Bulgarian GNU/Linux
users have always used CP1251, even before XFree4.0.2 (the first version
that supports this encoding).  Two completely different keyboard layouts
are used in Bulgaria.  This has been discussed already
<http://mail.gnu.org/pipermail/bug-gnu-emacs/2002-January/009497.html> I
think it is better to have two language environments Bulgarian-BDS and

mk (Macedonian) in mule-cmd.el maps to "Latin-5".  The locale mk_MK is
for ISO 8859-5. The most closest language environment is "Cyrillic-ISO",
but it uses Russian keyboard.  If you agree I will make language
environment for Macedonian, or else that will be "Cyrillic-ISO".

ru in mule-cmd.el maps to "Latin-5".  That definitely should be

tg (Tadjik) in mule-cmd.el maps to "Cyrillic-KOI8-T".  There is no such
language environment in Emacs, but I can make it.  KOI8-T has to be
added in cyrillic.el.

uk (Ukrainian) maps to language environment "Ukrainian".  There is no
such environment in Emacs, but I can make it.  KOI8-U has to be added in

> Please send more details about this problem; if you can debug this by
> yorself, it would be even better.  I don't have any access to a
> system in Cyrillic locale running X.

I will see what I can do.

> Is it possible that v21.1 that worked for you was compiled with XIM,
> whereas the CVS version is not, or vice versa?  For XIM, the
> locale-coding-system should be set correctly, or else non-ASCII input
> will not DTRT.  Perhaps the same bug in mule-cmds.el that you
> mentioned also affects this issue, as it sets the wrong
> locale-coding-system given the value of LANG and LC_* environment
> variables?

There are no problems in text-mode.  Emacs beeps not only to
alphanumeric characters but also for xkeysyms like "ISO_Next_Group".

Regards, Anton Zinoviev

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