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Re: Updates to configure for make-network-process

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Updates to configure for make-network-process
Date: 19 Mar 2002 22:38:26 +0000
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address@hidden (Kim F. Storm) writes:

> How would you verify the features without defining them?

Define them locally, and fix the problems before checking in. But I
see it is already changed, so it might as well stay like that until
someone gets time to implement wrappers for these functions on Windows.

> Having them defined is not supposed to change anything

Having them defined does change things. It is now necessary to link
against a library that is not present on all versions of Windows,
which previous code has made a lot of effort to accommodate. It is
also necessary to specify extra link options to allow the library to
co-exist with the overridden functions already present in Emacs.

Jason Rumney

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