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RE: emacs 21.2

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: RE: emacs 21.2
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:43:42 -0000

> > Many of the problems I raised since the last pretest (AFAIK 21.1.90,
> > almost 2 months ago), which (AFAIK) were fixed when reported, are
> > fixed in 21.2.
> As a matter of principle, the release branch only gets safe bugfixes,
> so it's possible that some of the changes are not there if they were
> deemed unsafe, or if the bugs were deemed not grave enough to risk a
> change.  It is also possible that we forgot to commit the changes to
> the branch, so please tell what changes, specifically, do you have in
> mind.

I appreciate "safe" is a valid criteria, and "grave" is of course
subjective.  These I imediately noticed were not fixed in 21.2.

- Emacs/LessTif scrolling
- the menu-bar-update-hook problems

The first means Emacs scrollbar scrolling is awful, for large buffers
and at the end of any buffer larger than window height, bad enough to
force me to use other means of scrolling.  The second makes Emacs
unusable when Imenu is enabled in many situations.  Even the imenu.el
changes didn't go into 21.2.  

I realise each bug is a difficult call.  But to explain my perspective,
if I had known that none of the above had been fixed in 21.2, I would
not have (a) upgraded and (b) bothered using the pretest versions.  I
can see me following the same perspective for future pretests for 21.3.


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