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Re: select-window and select-frame

From: md5i
Subject: Re: select-window and select-frame
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:43:25 -0500
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>     I think this change of behavior in select-window is bad and should
>     be reverted.  It is incompatible and does break existing code.
> The solution I implemented seems to be bad, but it is not clear what a
> good solution is.
> The original problem is that
>   (save-selected-window
>     (select-window ...)
>     ..)
> can permanently alter the frame-selected-window of a frame.  I tried
> solving it by making select-window not alter the frame-selected-window
> of a frame that isn't selected.  If we don't solve it that way, we need
> to solve it some other way, but what?
> One idea is that save-selected-window could also save and restore the
> frame-selected-window of every frame.  Another idea is to have two
> different kinds of window-selection, one temporary and one "for real".
> Both of these changes would have major ramifications, and so does the
> solution I implemented.  It is not clear what to do.

How much code depends on select-window changing the selected window
in a non-selected frame?  How much code walks through all windows
wrapped in `save-selected-window'?  We can choose which change to use
based on this.  

The original problem I found was in which-func.el, which used the
`save-selected-window' idiom.  Maybe for code like this we can add a
function called `save-frame-selected-winows' which saves and restores
all the frames' selected windows, but only when we think it is

Michael Welsh Duggan

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