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Re: TODO additions

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: TODO additions
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:02:09 -0500

>     * Convert the XPM bitmaps to PPM, replace the PBMs with them and scrap
>       the XPMs so that the colour versions work generally.  (Requires care
>       with the colour used for the transparent regions.)
> Could someone explain what good this would do?  I don't know much
> about these image formats.

The PPM format is supported by all Emacsen, whereas the XPM format
is only supported if you have the libXpm library.

>     * Use automake and use autoconf fully, preferably avoiding src/{m,s}
>       entirely.  [Maintaining the build process _is_ a major problem.]
> I don't think this would make it easier.  It might be harder,
> because it would require solving every problem in a general way.

We have already installed changes that make the configuration process
rely more on autoconf and less on src/{s,m}.  We should keep going in
this direction because it makes things easier to handle.  Whether we'll
ever be able to remove src/{s,m} is not relevant I think (it would be
good but is not a prerequisite to using autoconf/automake).

>     * Do something to make rms happy with fx's dynamic loading, and use it
>       to implement things like auto-loaded buffer parsers and database
>       access in cases which need more than Lisp.
> The problem here is too fundamental to suppose it can necessarily be
> solved.

I find it distressing that GPL programs should not be able to dynamically
load a GPL library just because of some legal issues.  I understand the
legal issues, but I still think that there has to be some way (either
technical or legal) to allow dynamic loading without endangering the
overarching goal of the FSF.  I (and I guess Dave as well) can't try to
solve the problem on the legal side, but we can try to address it


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