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Re: Hiding *Note:: "tags" in info files

From: Karl Eichwalder
Subject: Re: Hiding *Note:: "tags" in info files
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 03:24:06 +0100
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address@hidden (Kim F. Storm) writes:

> It also hides the "Section" part of the *note:... links to further improve
> readability.

This is from the gettext manual and it looks good to me:

   The command `_' (`po-undo') interfaces to the Emacs _undo_ facility.
*Note Undoing Changes: (emacs)Undo.

Do you intent to manipulate those pointers, too?  I don't want to loose
info, that following the reference I'll end up in the Emacs manual,
section "Undo".

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