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Windows port: using Windows' default printer

From: Peter 'Luna' Runestig
Subject: Windows port: using Windows' default printer
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 14:18:34 +0100
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Hi all,

I've had a patch lying around for a while, that adds two lisp variables:
'w32-default-printer-device' and
'w32-printer-name-follows-default-device'. 'w32-default-printer-device'
  contains Windows' default printer's device name, which is either the
printer port name (for locally connected printers), or an UNC path (for
remote printers). You can then have something like this in .emacs:
(setq printer-name w32-default-printer-device)

If 'w32-printer-name-follows-default-device' is set to 't',
'printer-name' is updated, if you change the default printer while emacs
is running.

I mentioned this patch on address@hidden almost a year ago, but I
now realize that this probably is a more appropriate forum, so I just
thought I'll mention it here. The link:

- Peter
Peter 'Luna' Runestig (fd. Altberg), Sweden <address@hidden>
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