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Re: Close .emacs file after customization?

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: Close .emacs file after customization?
Date: 27 Feb 2003 15:18:47 -0800
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>>>>> Richard Stallman writes:

>     You will get a warning if customize *does not* kill the .emacs buffer
>     after saving customization, which is currently the case, but that is
>     precisely what the original poster wanted to change.

> If Emacs already has a buffer visiting .emacs, and that file has
> changed on disk, visiting it again will ask whether to reread the
> file.  The only advantage of killing the buffer is that you won't
> have to answer that question.  Is that a major advantage?

The other advantage is that it no longer is in memory, but that may
not be major.  I think the real question, though, should be is there a
major advantage to *not* killing the buffer.  This becomes more
important when you remember that it's not about killing the .emacs
buffer, but rather the custom-file buffer.

> We could make Custom kill the buffer if it didn't exist before
> Custom created it.

That's probably preferable to prevent confusion.

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