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Compiling GNU Emacs on W2K using GCC

From: Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Subject: Compiling GNU Emacs on W2K using GCC
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2003 16:30:50 +0530

 I had tried building GNU Emacs with GCC 3.3 and had encountered a
 problem which I have raised as a bug.
 I tried again using a newer port of GCC 3.3 and GCC 3.4 (not an official
 port though) from:

I am unable to build or even progress to get an emacs.exe (executable).
With the earlier port of GCC 3.3, I could build a bare emacs executable
which failed in compiling elisp files.
If someone has a link to a GCC 3.3 port on W2K (Win32/MinGW), please let
me know. I will try to do some extensive testing. Unfortunately, I do not
have the older GCC 3.3 port with me now!

with regards,
Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Home: http://www32.brinkster.com/schemer/

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