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emacs kpart

From: Marco Correia
Subject: emacs kpart
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 15:33:03 +0000
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Hi all,

I'm considering creating a KPart (which is a kind of KDE component suitable to 
be integrated within KDE programs, in a certain way equivalent to Gnome's 
bonobo or Windows OLE), for integrating emacs in kde apps. 

The basic idea is to launch an emacs process in the background and use the 
gnuclient-gnuserv functionality to pass the user keystrokes to the emacs 
process. The outcome of the user actions (modifications on the current 
buffer) would then have to be collected from the emacs buffer. So here is the 

Is there a way to store the contents of the current buffer and then, after 
some modification, retrieve only the part that have changed? I know that 
there are some functions for retrieving the entire or part of the buffer 
(e.g. buffer-string,buffer-substring) but if I don't know which parts have 
been modified after some point, my only choice is to retrieve the entire 
buffer, which is of course very inneficient.

Also, before I go deeply into this, I really would like to hear from an emacs 
expert what he/she thinks of this idea, or if it this impossible by some 
obvious reason that I don't know about.


Marco Correia <address@hidden>

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