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cc-engine:c-guess-basic-syntax related problem in latest CVS

From: Zoltan Kemenczy
Subject: cc-engine:c-guess-basic-syntax related problem in latest CVS
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 22:11:46 -0400

Try S-M-;  (c-guess-basic-syntax)  at different points within a buffer
visiting a C source file that is *write-protected*... - I get a "Buffer is
read-only: #<buffer foo.c>" message in many places.  If the buffer is made
writeable, the syntactic information is returned...

I poked around a bit with the debugger and since I don't know much about
cc-engine I only got as far as 'c-remove-in-sws' being invoked from
'c-backward-sws' (something about removing `c-in-sws' properties...),
couldn't come up with a fix... :-(

A related question (that started all this) is that the point value of the
syntactic information is now returned as '(syntax-symbol point-integer) list
(it used to be a cons cell: '(symbol . point-integer)).  This breaks my
gud-find-class function inside gud.el. I fixed that function (to use more
maintainable predicate functions on the syntactic info as opposed to the
(car (cdr...)), but before I submit the patch, I'd like to ask if this
change to the '(syntax-symbol point-integer) is there to stay...

Zoltan Kemenczy

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