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Re: infinite loop with show-paren-mode turned on

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: infinite loop with show-paren-mode turned on
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:03:04 -0400

> > Can you please follow the suggestions in etc/DEBUG for how
> > to debug an infinite loop?  With that info we might make headway.
> OK, here is more info. I had actually done it earlier but forgot
> to attach it to the last mail:
> The infinite loop is in the function overlays_at (in buffer.c line
> 2432). The loop is the for loop starting on line 2501 (the second
> for loop in the function) that starts with:
>   for (tail = current_buffer->overlays_after; tail; tail = tail->next)
> The loop never terminates since current_buffer->overlays_after is
> a circular link list as demonstrated by the following gdb snippet:

Since I was the last to fiddle with the overlays_after list,
I'm likely to be responsible for that.  But I've missed the beginning
of the thread.

Do you have a recipe to reproduce the problem ?
Also is it a new problem ?
Can you try and see if the problem was due to the change that occured
between 2003-07-08 and 2003-07-10 (I.e. can you reproduce it with
the 2003-07-10 version of CVS and does it disappear with the version
from 2003-07-08) ?


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