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Re: infinite loop with show-paren-mode turned on

From: Satyaki Das
Subject: Re: infinite loop with show-paren-mode turned on
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 14:29:24 -0700

[Stefan, I am really really sorry to drop the gnu/emacs from the
 email address, which will most probably screw up your mail
 filtering. These days Stanford makes us send email through their
 SMTP servers and that doesn't like the / character.]

Stefan Monnier <monnier+gnu/address@hidden> writes:

> Since I was the last to fiddle with the overlays_after list,
> I'm likely to be responsible for that.  But I've missed the beginning
> of the thread.
> Do you have a recipe to reproduce the problem ?

The recipe to see the problem is:

  (1) Start emacs with:
        emacs -q --no-site-file

  (2) In the running emacs do:

        M-: (show-paren-mode 1) RET
        M-x replace-string RET {} RET 0 RET
        M-x replace-string RET M-p M-p C-e

> Also is it a new problem ?

May be not. I have seen a few random hangs in emacs when it was
trying to highlight parens in expressions. But none of them were
repeatable like this one.

> Can you try and see if the problem was due to the change that occured
> between 2003-07-08 and 2003-07-10 (I.e. can you reproduce it with
> the 2003-07-10 version of CVS and does it disappear with the version
> from 2003-07-08) ?

I will try this tonight and report back.


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