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RMAIL: decoding messages read via movemail

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: RMAIL: decoding messages read via movemail
Date: 23 Jul 2003 12:09:31 +0200

It sounds like rmail.el currently doesn't bother to look at the
Charset= header before it decodes a message in Babyl format; it only
does that for mbox-format messages.  This backfires when one fetches
email via POP with movemail, since movemail writes Babyl-format
messages in that case.  Quoted-printable decoding is also not done for
Babyl-format messages, so movemail/POP loses again.

In addition, if the message is encoded in base64, rmail doesn't decode
it as it does with quoted-printable.  This loses with some wacky mail
servers (such as Exchange) that tend to encode messages with non-ASCII
characters in base64, even if the message has only a single part and
uses 8-bit charsets perfectly suitable for quoted-printable.

Would it be a good idea to fix these deficiencies?  I have a patch to
rmail.el that fixes all of them (I'm using the patched rmail for the
last couple of months).  If the idea sounds reasonable, I will install
the changes in the CVS.

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