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Re: Suggestion: Make snapshots of Emacs available

From: Danilo Segan
Subject: Re: Suggestion: Make snapshots of Emacs available
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 12:20:10 +0200

On Monday, July 21 2003, 22:51:08 CEST -- Nick Roberts wrote:

Can the savannah hackers set up something like this? I'm guessing that savannah.gnu.org, ftp.gnu.org and alpha.gnu.org sit next to each other somewhere in Boston and might even share the same disk space. However, if no-one wants to to do it, then I will, as a last resort. I guess I would need a shell account, and it would have to wait till I have a broadband connection.

AFAIK, there are already daily snapshots of GNU Mach, MiG, Hurd, and other GNU tools at ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/cvs/. Perhaps Emacs could go there as well (well, it seems reasonable to me).

And because CVS for at least Mach and Hurd is hosted at Savannah, I believe the infrastructure to do this is already there.


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