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emacs arch archive

From: Miles Bader
Subject: emacs arch archive
Date: 29 Jul 2003 08:19:57 +0900


I'd like to set up a central arch (Tom Lord's revision control system)
archive for emacs on some central gnu machine where it can be read over
by the net by others.  It would basically offer a rough mirror of the
CVS repository, and act as a synchronization point for anyone who wishes
to use arch for their own emacs hacking.

I'll try asking on the arch-users mailing list about the arch-specific
details, but I gather I basically need a publicly reachable http server
somewhere that allows read-only access to a file-tree storing the
archive.  The file-tree should be somewhere where I can get write-access
to it, as I envision just logging into fencepost periodically and adding
snapshots from the latest CVS sources to the arch archive.  I'd like to
use http because it's generally more firewall friendly than e.g. ftp.

So, (assuming no one else has done this) any advice about --

 (1) What gnu machine has an appropriate http server, and could offer
     read-only access to a filesystem writable from fencepost?

     Alternatively, I suppose, it could be setup on a machine like
     subversions, if the necessary regular remote shell-access is
     available for that machine.

 (2) arch-specific advice?

 (3) etc?


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