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perldb and gud-print

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: perldb and gud-print
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 20:06:48 +0100

 > Is there any reason why gud-print should not print the result of evaluating
 > the expression with perldb?  If not, please install attached patch.

I have installed this patch. Note, however, that gud-print in perldb uses
gud-find-c-expr to parse the expression. This means that: 

1) Scalars like, $days, are parsed correctly (I've just discovered that this
is a valid name for a data type in C).

2) Array elements, like, $days[28] are paresed correctly.

3) Entire arrays like, @days, are not parsed correctly.

4) Entire hashes like, %days, and single values like, $days{'Feb'}, are not
   parsed correctly.

I have written a function, gud-find-fortran-expr (with some help) for
Fortran. Would you like to write a 'gud-find-perl-expr' to make a better
job of parsing Perl expressions? (Not trivial!)


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