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emacs and libxml2 (for emacs w3)

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: emacs and libxml2 (for emacs w3)
Date: 21 Sep 2003 20:31:52 +0100

This is primarily a question for rms but others might know the answer.

Is it possible to link emacs with the gnome project's libxml2
library? (http://www.xmlsoft.org/).

This library is distributed under an MIT licence.

I'm wondering about this because emacs is being used (by me at least)
more and more for XML hacking. I'd like to have a go at adding
libxml2 into emacs and providing a proper DOM implementation and
libxml2 based parsers and xslt styling.

It would also be a good basis for the proposed w3 rewrite.

But if there are legal problems with the licences then it would not
be a good idea for me to even think about doing the work.

Nic Ferrier

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