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Re: emacs and libxml2 (for emacs w3)

From: James Clark
Subject: Re: emacs and libxml2 (for emacs w3)
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 12:31:12 +0700
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Nic Ferrier wrote:

The attraction (to me) of libxml2 is that I use it elsewhere. I know
what it does. When I'm developing xml based tools within emacs, using
a parser and xpath evaluator that I will use in production has value
for me.

That doesn't seem like a good reason for the standard version of Emacs to link with libxml2. The whole point of XML is to be interoperable and not tie you to specific tools. I don't think one can assume that all Emacs users will be using libxml2 for XML processing.

Can you give examples of applications that require linking to libxml2 rather than using libxml2 via separate programs? One approach that might be worth considering is writing a little C program on top of libxml2 that outputs an XML document in the form of the printed representation of the list structure defined in xml.el and vice-versa. Then you could do efficient XML processing in Emacs based on libxml2 without requiring Emacs to be linked to another library. I've been talking with the xml.el maintainer about how to extend this to handle namespaces, which are really essential for many apps these days.


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